Arrow Pneumatic Dryers

Arrow 3 in 1 High Temperature Dryers

High Inlet Temperature (180°F) Delivering an Unrivaled 35°F Dew Point

Standard Instrumentation F-3528 thru F-3532
• On/Off switch with power on light
• Dew Point Indicator
• Air Inlet Temperature on F-3531 & F-3532 only

Standard Features
• Eliminates need for aftercooler, seperator and drain trap before dryer
• Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
• Pressure dewpoint as low as -35F
• Filter Element -40 Micron
• Mechanical moisture seperator with Electronic Timer Drain
• Handles Inlet Temperature up to 180F
• Includes monitoring instrumentation
• 6ft. electrical cable with grounded plug on Models F-3528-F3530 with 115VAC
• Refrigeration system utilizes environmentally safe R-134A refrigerant
• Dew Point Indicator
• Two year Warranty
• Five year Heat Exchanger Warranty

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