Arrow Pneumatic Dryers

Arrow Heated Desiccant Dryers

Arrow externally heated twin tower regenerative dryers combine the reliability of our "RH" series desiccant dryers with an added heater which allows a 7% purge rate. The purge air in the RE series is heated by a 100% efficient incoloy sheath electric heater housed in an externally mounted shell. A thermostat controls the temperature of the heater allowing long life and energy savings.

Standard Features:
• Fully automatic to provide the most efficient operation
• Panel mounted Gauges to monitor pressure
• Adjustable purge regulator for optimum dryer efficiency
• Indicator Lights that display tower operating status
• Reliable pneumatic valve operation
• Controlled repressurization to eliminate line surges and desiccant attrition.
• Removable stainless steel diffuser screens
• Nema 4 electrical construction
• Universally accepted 120V/1ph/60Hz
• Power on indicator to show dryer status
• Tower relief valves to prevent overpressurization.
• ASME coded and stamped pressure vessels.
• Microprocessor controls or PLC for controls.
• Control air line filter with replaceable element to protect pneumatic circuitry.
• Exhaust purge muffler for quiet operation
• Pressure alarm package that indicates failure to shift, failure to depressurize, failure to repressurize and failure to purge.
• Heater Thermostat to control and maintain user adjusted regeneration temperature to account for changing flow or seasonal moisture variations.
• Interlock circuit to protect units from heater burnout due to loss of purge air flow.

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