Arrow Pneumatic Dryers

Arrow Heavy Duty Dryers

Consistent Performance in the Most Extreme Conditions (180°F Delivering 50°F Dew Point)

Standard Features
• Design Eliminates the Need for an Aftercooler, Separator and Drain Trap before the Air Dryer
• Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
• Consistent 50ºF Dew Point at Extreme Conditions
• Filter Element - 40 Micron
• Dew Point Not Dependent on Absorbing Filter Element
• Does Not Require Expensive Maintenance Kit
• Handles Inlet Air Temperature up to 180F
• Mechanical Moisture Separator with Electronic Timer Drain
• Dew Point Indicator
• Air Is Reheated to Prevent Pipe Sweating
• Six Foot Electrical Cord with Grounded Plug
• Two Year Warranty
• Five Year Heat Exchanger Warranty

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