Arrow Pneumatic Dryers

Arrow Mini Desiccant Dryers

Arrows twin tower mini regenerative air dryers are the industries choice for low flow applications. Arrow's reliable series of heatless twin tower dryers produce dew points as low as -40F but can be also configured to create dew points as low as -100F.

Standard Features:
• Fully automatic to provide the most efficient operation.
• Panel mounted gauges provide accurate monitoring of tower pressures.
• Reliable pneumatic valve operation is achieved with an electrically activated spool valve and shuttle valve. All valves are non lubricated to provide maximum dependability and maintenance free operation.
• Solid-state controls provide reliable sequencing of dryer functions.
• Power-On lighted switch to show dryer is energized and functioning.
• Exhaust purge muffler for quiet operation.
• Six foot cord included.

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