Arrow Pneumatic Dryers

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Transair Aluminum Pipe
With 800,000 installations in the USA, Transair is the unquestioned leader in extruded aluminum pipe for compressed air systems. Transair is the only Aluminum Pipe System that is ASME certified and it's the only product with true push-to-connect fittings.

Refrigerated Dryers

McIntire's industrial division features Arrow Refrigerated Air Dryers from 10 - 2000 SCFM flow capacities. These energy efficient dryers are available in a variety of different voltage configurations and the industrial grade, high-quality components are housed in a rugged powder coated cabinet.
Arrow Heavy Duty Dryers Consistent performance in the most extreme conditions (180 F delivering 50 F dewpoint.)
Arrow Three-In-One High Temperature Dryers High Inlet Temperature (180F) Delivering an Unrivaled 35F Dew Point.
Arrow F Series Dryers Robust and Long Lasting.
Arrow Shop Series Dryers Rugged Reliable Industrial Dryers at an economical price.
Arrow Eco Cycle Series Dryers Energy saving cycling dryer technology reduces operating costs and reduces dryer maintenance.

Regenerative Dryers

Regenerative industrial Arrow Air Dryers by McIntire are the most effective way to produce quality, dry compressed air. -40F to -100F dew points can be achieved with the "RH" series heatless regenerative dryers, and high quality pneumatically controlled valves ensure long life and high air flow.
Arrow Heatless Dryers
Arrow Heated Dryers
Arrow BP Dryers
Arrow Mini Dryers

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In 2005 McIntire acquired Arrow Dryers from Arrow Pneumatics Inc. McIntire is now a leading supplier of over 110 different air dryer models.

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